Chinese New Year Dining Experiences

Gather with friends and family and indulge in sumptuous cuisine during the Chinese New Year celebration — January 22 to March 4, 2018 at Shanghai Disney Resort.

Your Guide to Magical Feasts & Treats

Enhance your visit with a splendid sit-down meal or a quick, on-the-go snack.

A festive, harmonious atmosphere, or what the Chinese call nianwei, is the most important element of the Chinese New Year. Along with happiness, the word nianwei denotes taste, and symbolic dishes are part of every celebration. Shanghai Disney Resort combines tradition with the beloved Disney experience to create innovative twists on classic dishes for an auspicious, delicious start to the New Year.

Options include:
Wandering Moon New Year Family Feast
Savor a delicious array of seafood dishes - each one represents something special and symbolic to bid you a prosperous year ahead.

The Wandering Moon menu takes its inspiration from the storied travels of the talented poet “Wandering Moon.” For the Chinese New Year, 3 new dishes have been added:

  • Steamed Fish with Chopped Chili – Rich, spicy deep-sea snapper with chopped chili - a traditional dish signifying a prosperous, uplifting and abundant start to the New Year.
  • Family Earthen Pot – An eclectic dish made up of 8 lucky main ingredients embellished with a clever Mickey egg—tasty abalone, shrimp, fish ball, traditional roast duck and roast chicken with fresh mushrooms and vegetables.
  • Auspicious Seafood Salad – A bright mix of regional seafood flavors that’s perfect for sharing. This savory dish is comprised of delicate salmon, scallops, flying fish roe, orchid mussels and other fresh seafood ingredients. Each symbolizes a different wish for the New Year, blessing your family with wealth, good fortune for your children, a happy and harmonious life and continual success.
Royal Banquet Hall Chinese New Year Feast
Share an array of flavorful cuisine with friends and family within the magical realm of the Enchanted Storybook Castle! This year’s tabletop spread features a beautiful cold platter of 6 Chinese and Western delicacies:
  • Appetizer: Selection of Cold Appetizer
  • Main Entrées
    1. Shanghai Disney Resort Special Mickey Shape Braised Pork Knuckle
    2. Pan Seared Halibut Fillet with “GanShao” Sauce
    3. Pan Seared Halibut Fillet with “GanShao” Sauce
    4. Stir fried Fresh Abalone, Prawn and Vegetable in X.O Sauce
    5. Fried rice with Chinese Sausage, salted Pork and Pok choybraised flounder
  • Soup: Seafood Pumpkin Soup with Crab Meat and Conpoy
  • Dessert: Osmanthus Red Bean Soup with Glutinous Flour Dumpling and Fresh Fruits
Continue this memorable meal with a cold appetizer. The New Year Menu features sweet and sour pork rib, roasted eel, Mickey chili chicken jelly, drunken prawn, osmanthus lotus and golden melon.

Then, move on to your choice of a main entrée. Options include a special Mickey-shaped braised pork knuckle, pan seared halibut fillet with “GanShao” sauce, stir fried fresh abalone, prawn and vegetable in XO sauce, fried rice with Chinese sausage and salted pork and bok choy.

Craving something heartwarming? Next, you’ll enjoy a serving seafood pumpkin soup with crab meat and conpoy.

Last, but not least… dessert. Sink your teeth into a delicious osmanthus red bean soup served with a glutinous flour dumpling and fresh fruits.

Specialty Desserts at Remy’s Patisserie and Il Paperino
Sweet things happen when the traditional New Year festival coincides with Valentine's Day. Look for the following treats…
  • New Year Mickey nuts & nougat mousse cake
  • New Year Sacher Cake Panda Cup
  • New Year chocolate ice cream sundae
  • New Year vanilla ice cream sundae
Novelty Popcorn Buckets
We’re offering 3 types of special popcorn buckets to help you celebrate the Chinese New Year:
  • Limited-time Chinese New Year Duffy bucket
  • Mickey and Minnie buckets decked in traditional red to symbolize blessings and good fortune in the coming year


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