Duffy’s Heartfelt Moments


Your favorite cuddle buddies are having a snuggly moment! Duffy and Friends welcome you to Shanghai Disney Resort this fall for a wholehearted get-together.

Duffy and Friends Arrival

Every morning from September 2 to 30, Shanghai Disneyland Band will be joined by Duffy and his friends! Get in the swing as this lively ensemble welcomes you to Mickey Avenue with a high-spirited mix of music and fun.

Duffy and Friends Dance Moment

Starting September 16, Duffy and Friends will be doing a special celebratory dance at Mickey Avenue to entertain Guests and friends alike! Come see Duffy, ShellieMay, StellaLou, and Gelatoni show off their best moves with Disney dancers!

Plush Photo Op

Bring your darling Duffy and Friends plush to the themed photo backdrop at Gardens of Imagination and snap a pic to show off your cutest buddy!

Savor Something Sweet

Craving something as sweet as your Duffy friend? Indulge in a Duffy-themed afternoon tea set that features a delicious ShellieMay lemon tart and a yummy Duffy Cheese Brownie at Mickey & Pals Market Café.

Head to Remy’s Patisserie for a delightful array of pastries that celebrate your beloved Duffy friend. Find StellaLou twirling on top of a Blueberry Cup Cake, or delight your taste buds at Il Paperino with a Gelatoni Sea Salt Cheese Ice Cream Waffle Cone!

Rainy Day Fun

With the right shoes on, rainy days are made for fun! This September’s exclusive Duffy and Friends Rainy Day collection will remind you that the sun is always up, we just have to dance until it comes out again. Duffy and Friends are all in their rain-ready gear. Brighten up a gray day with a fluffy plush, plush keychains, or a sunshine yellow crossbody bag. Shield yourself from the rain in style with a Duffy and Friends umbrella.

Disneytown Duffy Themed Car Debut

From September 1 to 30, a Duffy and Friends theme car will arrive at Disneytown! Duffy and Friends are excited to show off this adorable addition to Disneytown. Capture some fun selfies this month with Disneytown’s new photo-ready feature while you have the chance!

Shanghai Disneyland Hotel Duffy Heartfelt Theme Rooms

Want to snuggle up all night with your favorites from Duffy and Friends? Check into a Duffy Heartfelt theme room at Shanghai Disneyland Hotel! Each room features fuzzy fun décor, with special Duffy and Friends travel goodies that are yours to take home, such as themed slippers, cushion cover, blanket, luggage tag, suitcase cover, and cute eye mask for a great night’s slumber. Just request the upgrade when you check in for your next stay.