Disneytown Colorful Spring


Stop by Disneytown for everything spring - including Character Greetings, a seasonal carnival, a mini hike and more!

Seasonal Overlay

With colorful, round designs, our spring eggs are carefully decorated to evoke the look and charm of popular Disney characters, hiding in grass and flowers to help welcome the arrival of spring.

Judy’s Moment

Come out to the marketplace stage at Disneytown to watch Lieutenant Judy Hopps do a special bunny dance to celebrate spring.

Spring Stroll and Botany Class

Discover the joys that spring brings with a mini nature hike followed by a DIY botany class.

Unearth some of nature’s best-kept secrets! As spring’s glorious blooms greet Guests at every turn, kids are invited to take a mini hike around Wishing Star Lake with an expert horticulturist to learn about plants and their annual growth cycle. Afterwards, attendees can plant seedlings in small pots to put those gardening tips ‘n’ tricks to work!