Summer Beverages at Shanghai Disney Resort

Tantalize your taste buds with dozens of seasonal beverages and park-exclusive specialty drinks throughout Shanghai Disneyland.

Available This Summer

Celebrate the summer with your choice from several seasonal beverages—available for a limited time!

Dory’s Deep Blue Sea Cooler
Just keep sipping, just keep sipping… Let waves of bubbly blue wash away your thirst with this refreshing peach-flavored concoction—available at the following locations:Stitch’s Aloha Colada
Chill out with fresh orange juice under a layer of pineapple coconut slush! It’s a luau of tropical flavor that’s out of this world—available at the following locations:

Nick’s Wilde Fruit Cooler
Get into the swing of things this summer with refreshingly fruity peach juice and green apple flavors—available at Mickey & Pals Market Café and Wandering Moon Restaurant.

Gasteau’s Chocolate Gateau Milkshake
Indulge your inner chocolatier with layers of chocolate sauce, brownies, cookies and ice cream in this decadent drink—available at Remy’s Patisserie.

Donald’s Castle Float
Creamy vanilla, chilled orange and just a tad bit of fizz come together in a magical drink that’s fit for royalty—available at Il Paperino.

Mickey’s Tropical Coconut
Need a rush of refreshing energy? Uncap the natural goodness of thirst-quenching Thai coconut water! It’s energizing, and chilled to thrill—available at Treasure Cove and Adventure Isle Carts.

Must Try Snacks

Quench your thirst, courtesy of our one-of-a-kind specialty beverages—with choices unique to each land in the park! Dozens are available, including:

  • Turkey LegTortuga Treats
    Our version of a classic Disney Parks favorite: a plump turkey leg tea-smoked, marinated and slow-basted in our special Shanghai Disney Resort sauce, then roasted to a golden brown.
  • Ice-cream Treat
    Pick your favorite Character—or your favorite flavor! Mickey’s Ice Cream Classic features vanilla bean ice cream covered in rich Belgian dark chocolate, Minnie’s Sweet Treat features Belgian white chocolate with berries and vanilla, and Donald’s Duckburg Ice is made of a delicious non-dairy ice-cream.
  • Spicy Crispy Chicken LegPicnic Basket
    Our original recipe starts with a juicy chicken leg marinated and roasted, then encased in a crispy coating of youtiao dough.
  • Caramel Popcorn (with a bucket)
    Freshly popped popcorn covered in a classic caramel coating. Available throughout the Park in collectible Disney themed souvenir buckets.
  • Mickey PretzelRemy's Patisserie
    Freshly baked, large soft Mickey shaped pretzel served with our special relish only available here at Shanghai Disney Resort!
  • Corndog
    An American classic: a plump beef sausage dipped in a flavorful cornmeal batter, then crisp-fried to a golden brown. Choose from Classic or the Adventure Isle variation, coated in spicy pork floss.
  • Remy's Patisserie
    Choose from traditional French and popular modern Chinese pastries, a selection of fresh-baked sweets, treats, tarts, sandwiches and more. All prepared fresh in small batches throughout the day.
  • Donald’s Waffle with Ice CreamIl Paperino
    Light and fluffy, baked-to-order waffle, topped with chocolate or vanilla soft-serve vanilla ice-cream and your choice of fresh fruit, marshmallow, cookie crumbles or strawberry shortcake.
  • Churros
    Another classic Disney Parks treat! Freshly baked, tube-shaped pastries rolled in a tantalizing blend of cinnamon and sugar that coats the crispy outer crust.
  • Beef & Kimchi WrapPiranha Bites
    Flavorful chunks of tender beef, freshly rolled with kimchi in a large tortilla wrap.
  • Hot DogTimothy's Treats
    All-beef hot dog cradled in a freshly baked brioche bun and topped with your choice of: cheese & bacon, zesty American chili and cheese, or classic-style with mustard & ketchup.


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