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Let us help you celebrate a most momentous occasion as your students make their magical transition from childhood to adulthood. You won’t want to miss out on this time-tested Disney tradition!

Celebrations for Major Milestones

For over 30 years, The Walt Disney Company has celebrated the accomplishments of its young Guests. This rich history—originally inspired by Walt Disney himself—has always focused on nurturing the youth of generations to come.

This history endures with Disney Youth Programs at Shanghai Disney Resort, where Shanghai Disneyland will stand tall as an icon of creativity and imagination to young minds from all around the world!

In addition to serving as a destination for unique, one-of-a-kind experiences, the theme park is the perfect place for students in China to celebrate their major milestones. As they bring these important phases of their lives to completion, help them do so in a magical manner that will create memories that are truly unforgettable—only at Shanghai Disneyland.

“Magic Graduation” Celebration

Welcome little ones to their very first graduation ceremony, a special celebration held at Shanghai Disney Resort!

The celebration begins with a bus ride to Shanghai Disneyland. On the way there, young Guests and their families alike will be provided tickets, along with a specialized theme park map and all the information necessary for a magical day.

Then, after hearing a fun speech from the “Magic Graduation” host, the host will introduce a famous special guest—the one and only Mickey Mouse, dressed in a graduation gown!

Soon enough, each young Guest will get a certificate commemorating the occasion—and a picture with Mickey too—before being led into Shanghai Disneyland to begin their theme park adventure.

Let the “Magic Graduation” celebration begin!

“First Spread of the Wings” Celebration

Motivate young ones to spread their wings for the first time with a delightful celebration starring Buzz Lightyear!

The “First Spread of the Wings” celebration focuses on the following character traits: happiness, friendship, sharing and dreams. After a fast-and-fun introduction, students will be joined in person by the popular space ranger from the Disney•Pixar Toy Story film series.

Before long, students will be invited to have their picture taken with Buzz, who’s also prepared some special props for those brave enough to take their dreams to “infinity and beyond!”

“Think from a New Perspective” Celebration

Older kids can join Stitch in his spaceship for a celebration that will inspire them to think from a new prospective.

The “Think from a New Perspective” celebration takes off by inspiring its “passengers”—a.k.a. students—with the following character traits: thanksgiving, courage, creativity and teamwork.

Once students have been introduced to Stitch by a Disney Cast Member, they will be invited to interact with the popular animated character before spending the rest of the day in the theme park!

“Great Power Comes from Responsibility” Celebration

With great power comes great responsibility… and who better for graduates to learn this from than Spider-Man!

Coming all the way from New York City, the world-famous web slinger will welcome ambitious youngsters—arriving just in time to mentor them with some of his most important character traits: independence, responsibility and leadership.

After they’ve had a chance to meet Spider-Man and take a picture with him too, students will be invited to explore all that Shanghai Disneyland has to offer for the rest of the day!

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