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Enter the magical realm of Shanghai Disneyland—and see Minnie and other Disney pals come to life!

A Warm Welcome on Mickey Avenue

Stroll down this bustling street and you just might encounter some of the world’s most popular Disney Characters! You never know who you might have the luck to come across when you visit shops that pay homage to a timeless population of famous Disney personalities.

Whether you spot Minnie Mouse while you’re enjoying one of her tasty treats from Sweethearts Confectionery or see Goofy and Pluto waving to you on their walk down the thoroughfare, there’s no limit to the magic on Mickey Avenue. You could even catch Duffy the Disney Bear making a cuddly appearance near the Whistle Stop Shop!

Put a spring in your step with the beloved tunes of the Shanghai Disneyland Band as you continue your journey along Mickey Avenue—a classic destination filled with Disney Characters that prepares you for all the delightful surprises ahead at Shanghai Disneyland!

Inspiration at the Gardens of Imagination

Explore the hub of Shanghai Disneyland for a famous Disney duck, feisty chipmunks and the Mouse who started it all.

Check out the imaginative Garden of the Twelve Friends, which combines Disney stories with traditional Chinese elements, including Chinese zodiac symbols re-imagined as Disney and Disney•Pixar characters.

Then, bring your families and friends to an authentically Disney, distinctly Chinese performance where you can join some of the most classic Disney Characters of all time as they practice balance and harmony in Melody Garden.

And finally, for a most unforgettable moment, don’t miss your chance to come face-to-face with Mickey Mouse himself. Meet Mickey is a magical Character Greeting opportunity—offering a memory of your visit to the Gardens of Imagination that will last a lifetime!

About Mickey, Minnie and Their Pals

Mickey is a humble, lively and optimistic friend who loves hanging out with his pals. Whether it’s a picnic with his sweetheart Minnie Mouse, a game of fetch with his pooch Pluto or experiencing new adventures with the hilarious Donald Duck or with the silliest dog ever, Goofy—Mickey is happiest when everybody he loves is having fun!

Mickey Mouse got his start in 1928 and has appeared in movies and television ever since. His starring roles in Steamboat Willie, The Brave Little Tailor and the “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” in Disney’s animated classic Fantasia have won the hearts of audiences around the world. He and his best pals even have a television show at his favorite place—The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!

In addition to Mickey, here are some of the Disney Characters you might encounter:

  • Minnie Mouse
    Mickey’s lifelong sweetheart—simple, tender yet strong-willed
  • Goofy
    A dog who’s an eternal optimist, gullible good guy and utterly clumsy enthusiast
  • Donald Duck
    A happy duck who’s a positive thinker, devoted friend and prankster—and is sometimes undone by a short temper
  • Daisy Duck
    Donald’s sophisticated and sassy girlfriend and best friend of Minnie Mouse
  • Pluto
    A faithful, loving, playful pup every child wants to have who is Mickey’s loyal companion
  • Chip ‘n Dale
    An inseparable duo of chipmunks whose goal in life is to stock up on food!


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