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Issues with Your Mobile Provider

Guests using a Chinese mainland phone number can have trouble receiving SMS messages because their number is locked. To unlock your number, please contact your network provider:
  • For China Mobile, send a text message to 1069000766 with “11111” in the message body.
  • For China Unicom, send a text message to 10690273 with “1111” in the message body.
  • For China Telecom , please contact their customer service line and ask them to unblock the Shanghai Disney Resort SMS sender ID 10690007.
If you’re visiting from another country or region, please contact your service provider to ensure you do not have any roaming restrictions on data or voice calls.

Issues with Your Device

Be sure that your device is able to receive SMS messages:
  • Check that the number you entered is correct and in service
  • Confirm that your number is for a mobile device
  • Be sure that your phone is turned on and ready to receive text messages
  • Make sure your device’s internal storage is not full

Issues with Your Disney Profile

  • Double check the phone number you have on file is correct
  • Confirm that the email address associated with your profile is correct as well

Still Having Trouble?

We’re happy to help! Please visit the Guest Services Lobby for further assistance.