Vista Trail at Camp Discovery

Shanghai Disneyland

Adventure Isle

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All Ages

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  • May Remain in Wheelchair



Guest Policies

  • This is an overhead activity and appropriate attire must be worn at all times. Closed-toe shoes with secured heel strap are required.

This gentle and lushly landscaped trail lets adventurers of all ages and abilities experience the wonders of the rope courses from ground level—with photo opportunities around every bend.

Experience the Rope Courses at Ground

Vista Trail is a beautifully landscaped walkway that provides all adventurers with the opportunity to explore the wonders of the ropes courses at ground level, where the ageless beauty of Adventure Isle is revealed in photo opportunities around every bend—including a trio of large, hemispheric “humming stones,” also known as the “Mmm stones,” which emit a nearly inaudible hum heard only by the most nature-attuned individuals.

Excitement for Explorers of All Ages

Choose your course, set out for adventure and prepare for the incredible! For everyone, from the most fearless trailblazer to the youngest League of Adventurers recruit, Camp Discovery offers rare experiences and remarkable sights few have ever encountered.


Tuesday, January 21, 2020

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