Wishing Star Park


Enjoy a tranquil escape to the banks of a glimmering body of water where rest, relaxation and activities for the entire family await your arrival.

Bike Rentals at Wishing Star Park

Spring is here… and there’s no better way to celebrate the season than with a bike ride around Wishing Star Park!

Now offered for an additional fee, bikes can be rented from the north side of the Dream Bridge at the west entrance of Wishing Star Park—and are available for parties of up to 4 Guests.

A Perfect Place to Embrace Nature

Unwind amid peaceful scenery and lush greenery as heavenly sights and sounds abound all around you.

Located along the shoreline of a beautiful lake, Wishing Star Park is calling—offering Guests from Shanghai and the world abroad a chance to indulge in the splendor of nature. Here, along a 2.5-kilometer walk, you can relax the body and mind while immersing your senses in the atmosphere of a breathtaking wetland.

Whether you explore the park’s woodlands, gaze upon a garden combining both Chinese and Western rose natives and cultivars, or marvel at a colorful space called home by a mix of tile birds and butterflies, you’re sure to find a setting which will bring your inner child to life—as only the magic of Disney can!

Wishing Star Lake

Soak up awe-inspiring views as spectacular sunsets reflect off the surface of Wishing Star Lake. Spread across approximately 40 hectares, this majestic destination provides a serene backdrop for strolls around its magnificent shores.

Dragonfly Playground

Set your little ones loose in a space where their imaginations can wander freely into a world of wonders.

Featuring colorful playgrounds and fun-filled activities designed especially for children with adventurous hearts and growing minds, Dragonfly Playground offers lighthearted leisure experiences that the whole family is welcome to enjoy!

Starlight Amphitheater

Watch the night sky unfold as Disney inspires your imagination and spurs your creativity in a lovely setting. With nearly 900 seats available, Starlight Amphitheater provides a natural ambience for almost any special event.