Shanghai Disneyland Tickets

Shanghai Disneyland Gift Ticket and E-gift Ticket

Shanghai Disneyland Gift tickets are available now in a beautifully packaged envelope. A gift ticket entitles a Guest to enjoy a day at Shanghai Disneyland from now until June 5, 2018.

Gift Tickets are available at Shanghai Disney Resort Guest Services, and may also be purchased by calling the Shanghai Disney Resort Reservation Center: 400-180-0000 or 021-3158-0000

The E-gift tickets is now available for purchase on Shanghai Disney Resort’s official WeChat account. No identity information is required when purchasing, and E-gift ticket can be given away within WeChat as a gift to friends to share the magic of Disney. More terms and conditions can be found on the WeChat “心E礼品通票” booking page.

Scan the QR code to the Wechat “心E礼品通票” booking page.
Shanghai Disneyland Gift Ticket Categories and Prices

Terms and Conditions:
  • This gift ticket entitles a Guest to enjoy one day admission on any day at Shanghai Disneyland from now until June 5, 2018 included.
  • To access the park, please provide this ticket at the turnstile in the main entrance of the park.
  • We may from time to time change the operating hours of the Park or attractions, close the Park or any part of it temporarily, restrict the number of persons having access to the Park, and/or suspend or cancel any attraction or entertainment program, due to capacity, extreme weather, special events, to ensure safety, security or order, or if circumstances so required.
  • Please visit to check the General Terms and Conditions.

Dated Tickets Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price of the dated tickets?
We offer both regular and peak-priced tickets, with regular pricing set at ¥370 and peak pricing set at ¥499. Special pricing (discounts of 25%) will be provided to many of our guests, including children, seniors and our guests with disabilities. Infants receive free admission. A two-day ticket will be available at special discount (save up to 20% on the second day).

Shanghai Disneyland Dated Ticket Categories and Prices

2017 Shanghai Disneyland Admission Calendar

What are dated tickets?
Tickets will be date-specific and valid for admission only for the date purchased. Guests with valid admission will be guaranteed entry into Shanghai Disneyland for the date purchased.

What does the ticket price include?
A ticket to the park will provide a full day of world-class family entertainment and immersive storytelling experiences. One ticket provides admission and access to all of Shanghai Disneyland’s attractions and entertainment inside the theme park. Shanghai Disney Resort’s shopping, dining and entertainment area, is a separately ticketed event.

Where can guests purchase dated tickets?
On March 28, 2016, guests can obtain information and purchase tickets through several official channels. To ensure access to the theme park, guests should only purchase tickets from these authorized official channels:
What are the limits on quantity for purchasing Shanghai Disneyland dated tickets?
There is a maximum of 5 tickets available for purchase.

Can guests change the admission date on their ticket once purchased?
Yes, subject to availability. Guests can visit our website or call the Disney Reservation Center for more information.

When can guests book stays in your resort hotels?
Resort hotel rooms can be booked beginning March 28, 2016 through all authorized official channels. Pricing and room rates will be available at that time.

Do guests need an admission ticket to visit Wishing Star Park or Disneytown?
No admission tickets are required for guests to visit Wishing Star Park or Disneytown.

Will there be complimentary tickets to Shanghai Disneyland?
Infants 1.0M and below, accompanied by a responsible adult with a paid admission ticket, receive free admission to Shanghai Disneyland. There are no other complimentary ticket categories, and all other guests are encouraged to purchase tickets in advance using one of our official channels.

Why do you have a regular ticket price and a peak ticket price?
This is one way we are managing the extraordinary demand we anticipate for our park in order to deliver a world-class experience for our guests. Our ticketing options could help spread out visitation throughout the year, putting choices in the hands of the guests. To avoid days with high demand, guests may want to consider visiting during our regular priced periods.

Will there be a maximum number of guests allowed in the park at one time?
Yes. Just as we do at all of our destinations around the world, we take great care to ensure a magical guest experience in our parks each day. All of our tickets will be date specific. Shanghai Disneyland will also follow all local guest capacity regulations.

Do you anticipate any changes to your pricing or ticket structure in the near future?
We will continue to evaluate our various ticket options and may in the future make adjustments. We will also continue to think about ways to manage the extraordinary demand we anticipate for our attractions and entertainment at Shanghai Disney Resort in order to deliver a world-class experience for our guests.

What is the Shanghai Disney Resort Reservation Center?
The Shanghai Disney Resort Reservation Center is a platform for guest reservation and resort experience inquiries. Beginning March 28, guests can contact the reservation center at 400-180-0000 or 86-21-31580000 to purchase theme park tickets or make resort hotel reservations.