Shanghai Disney Resort Offers Something for Everyone

Young and Old, Boys and Girls, Families and Friends Will Discover Something Wonderful at Shanghai Disney Resort.

Everyone Will Discover Something Wonderful at Shanghai Disney Resort

At Shanghai Disney Resort, children are not the only ones who will enjoy a magical journey and a memorable visit. Guests of all generations will find themselves immersed in authentic experiences that blend Disney storytelling with innovative attractions, spectacular shows and experiences designed for Chinese families and friends to enjoy together.

Shanghai Disneyland brings happiness to young and old alike—from girls and boys meeting a favorite character to parents capturing the moment with a photo; from teenagers flying a Jet Pack to grandparents strolling through the lush gardens. Ideal for young adults, too, the theme park offers thrilling adventures, new lands and novel places to dream.

Many attractions are designed for guests to enjoy together. Whether it’s a rafting ride at Roaring Mountain, a magical adventure on the Voyage to the Crystal Grotto that goes underneath Enchanted Storybook Castle, or an epic battle with pirates in Treasure Cove, every guest will find limitless possibilities for fun and adventure at Shanghai Disneyland.

Guests will find enchanting places to share quality time with family and friends–in the Gardens of Imagination, the beach of Shipwreck Shore in Treasure Cove, and in restaurants such as Wandering Moon Teahouse. They will enjoy fabulous blends of Asian and Western cuisines in all seven lands of Shanghai Disneyland, in themed restaurants that serve flavorful meals and sweet or savory treats.

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Special Appeal for Young Adults

  • TRON Lightcycle Power Run in Tomorrowland: Guests board Lightcycles to experience the thrilling speed and compelling story of this digitized world, inspired by the Disney movie, “TRON: Legacy.” The coaster-style attraction has a twisting, turning track, with a mesmerizing combination of lighting, projection and sound effects.
  • Jet Packs in Tomorrowland: Powered by their own individual Jet Packs, guests fly high over Shanghai Disneyland in futuristic orbs. The exhilarating thrill of rising into the sky, along with the unmatchable view of Tomorrowland creates a breathtaking experience.
  • Roaring Rapids in Adventure Isle: Guests will be enthralled on this white-knuckle adventure, a thrilling