Getting to Shanghai Disney Resort by Taxi

Take taxi service to Shanghai Disney Resort for greater privacy, comfort and flexibility over mass transit.

Taxi Service Lines

The huge metropolis of Shanghai offers an assortment of taxi lines that can transport you to transit hub. From there, you can then enjoy a quick stroll to Shanghai Disneyland, Disneytown and Wishing Star Park, or hop aboard a short Disney Resort Shuttle ride to the Resort hotels.

Taxi and Vehicle Pick-up/Drop-off:
All pick-up and drop-offs are allowed at the West Public Transportation Hub (West PTH). Please follow the guide for location information.

Check Back Soon for Further Details

For more information on traveling by taxi—such as taxi lines, fare details and directions to Shanghai Disney Resort—please check back in the near future!

Additional Travel Information

Learn more about the other transportation options available when traveling to Shanghai Disney Resort—including car and coach, bus and Shanghai Metro.