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Wandering Moon Restaurant


Shanghai Disneyland

Gardens of Imagination

Valid Park Admission Required

Chinese, Souvenir, Vegetarian Options Cuisine

Family Feast, Table Service

¥¥¥ (RMB 101 - 300 per adult) More Information - Range reflects the average price of adult entrees, except Character Dining locations and buffet locations where range reflects the average adult price of entire meal. All price ranges exclude alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Located at the crossroads between the Gardens of Imagination, Adventure Isle and Treasure Cove, Wandering Moon Restaurant is the perfect spot to sample an amazing array of authentic Chinese food.

Not Operating Today


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  • Family Feast
    Family Feast for 2
    Family Feast for 3

    *Each dish also includes rice and soup

    Each guest should order one of the following main dishes:
    1. Roasted Chicken
    2. Roasted Duck
    3. BBQ Pork
    4. Steamed Mackerel Fish with Mushroom
    5. Wok-fried Spicy Chicken
    6. Mongolian Beef with Mickey Egg
    7. Chuanxiang Wok-fried Meat and Chili
    8. Stir Fried Salt and Pepper Pork Ribs
    9. Curry Chicken with Potato and Mickey Carrot

  • You can choose the added dishes after having any Family Feast
    1. Roasted Chicken with BBQ Pork
    2. Roasted Chicken with Roasted Duck
    3. Steamed Dumpling
    4. Vegetable Noodle with Crab Meat Sauce
    5. Crab Meat Spring Rolls(3 pcs)
    6. Roasted Duck with BBQ Pork
    7. Roasted Chicken with Roasted Duck and BBQ Pork
    8. Steamed Fish with Tofu
    9. Plum Pork Ribs in Garlic

  • Wandering Moon BBQ (Stop Selling)
    1. BBQ Beef Skewer with Black Pepper Sauce
    2. Roti Paratha
    3. BBQ Lamb Skewer with Cumin and Chili
    4. BBQ Chicken Thighs with India Curry Sauce
    5. BBQ Chicken Skewer with Chili Peanut Sauce
    6. BBQ Chicken Wings
  • *Combo includes two 473ml non-alcoholic cold beverages (Specialty Drinks Excluded)

  • Beverage
    1. KSF Natural Mineral Water
    2. Assorted Beverages
  • Chinese Tea
    1. Longjing Tea
    2. Puer Tea
    3. Dahongpao
    4. Jasmine Green Tea
  • Specialty Beverage
    1. Donald Mango&Passionfruit Milkshake
    2. Grapefruit Soda
    3. Jasmine Fruit Tea
    4. Peach Oolong Tea
  • Chinese Liquor
    1. Wu Liang Ye
    2. Hai Zhi Lan
    3. Guyue Yellow Wine
  • Wine
    1. Premium Chardonnay
    2. Premium Cabernet Merlot
    3. Kanaan Winery Riesling
    4. Kanaan Winery Pretty Pony
  • Beer
    1. Heineken
    2. Tsing Tao
  • Cocktails
    1. Blue Curacao & Yuzu G & T
    2. Grapefruit & Mint G & T
  • Specialty Drink
    1. Specialty drinks

The menu items are subject to change. Please refer to the restaurant for availability.

Wandering Moon Restaurant

Not Operating Today