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Meet Minnie Mouse and Friends at Mickey Avenue


Shanghai Disneyland

Mickey Avenue

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All Ages

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Classic Characters , Mickey & Friends, Outdoor Entertainment

With Mickey Avenue adorned in festive elements of the season, Mickey Mouse and his pals will be dressed in their finest Spring Festival outfits. Be sure to take a selfie with them in front of the magnificently themed photo backdrops!

Every day, after meeting our Disney Characters, you may receive a Wishing Card** that you can fill out and place in the Shanghai Disney Resort Wishing Garden.

(To provide a safe and enjoyable experience for all guests, the use of selfie sticks is not allowed in Shanghai Disneyland. Please do not use selfie stick when taking photos or videos with Disney characters. In order to allow our Disney characters to share time with more guests, please keep your greeting short and sweet. Guests in the queue can ask for up to one autograph from each Disney character.)
*Characters appear occasionally throughout the day. Offer is subject to operational adjustments. This performance may be impacted due to inclement weather or other unforeseen conditions. For example, during poor weather including but not limited to rain, high wind, poor air quality, heavy fog and/or lighting, we will temporarily delay or cancel the show.
**Every Guest is limited to one Wishing Card. First come, first served.

A Warm Welcome on Mickey Avenue

Stroll down this bustling street and you just might encounter some of the world’s most popular Disney Characters! You never know who you might have the luck to come across when you visit shops that pay homage to a timeless population of famous Disney personalities.

Whether you spot Minnie Mouse while you’re enjoying one of her tasty treats from Sweethearts Confectionery or see Goofy and Pluto waving to you on their walk down the thoroughfare, there’s no limit to the magic on Mickey Avenue. You could even catch Duffy the Disney Bear making a cuddly appearance near the Whistle Stop Shop!

Put a spring in your step with the beloved tunes of the Shanghai Disneyland Band as you continue your journey along Mickey Avenue—a classic destination filled with Disney Characters that prepares you for all the delightful surprises ahead at Shanghai Disneyland!

About Mickey, Minnie and Their Pals

Here are some of the Disney Characters you might encounter on Mickey Avenue:

  • Minnie Mouse
    Minnie is Mickey Mouse’s sweetheart. She is cute, sweet, and the perfect lady. Minnie Mouse loves fashion—hair bows and polka dots are her favorite. Minnie greets everyone like family and is a wonderful hostess.
  • Mickey Mouse
    Mickey is a humble, lively and optimistic friend who loves hanging out with his pals. Whether it’s a picnic with his sweetheart Minnie Mouse, a game of fetch with his pooch Pluto or experiencing new adventures with the hilarious Donald Duck or with the silliest guy ever, Goofy—Mickey is happiest when everybody he loves is having fun!
  • Donald Duck
    Donald Duck wants to be #1! He’s fun, feisty and he gets easily flustered when things don’t go his way. Donald has been friends with Mickey for years and joins him on many adventures. His girlfriend is the sweet and sassy Daisy Duck.
  • Daisy Duck
    Daisy is Donald Duck’s sweet and sassy girlfriend. She loves to join Minnie for a chat or some shopping. Although she is loyal to Donald, Daisy doesn’t mind being a bit flirtatious at times.
  • Goofy
    Goofy is a simple, happy guy who can be a bit clumsy. Goofy will try anything, but usually messes up everything in a silly way. When something goes wrong, Goofy simply laughs it off. Goofy is a loyal friend to Mickey, Donald, and everyone he meets.
  • Pluto
    Pluto is Mickey’s lovable pup. He is curious and mischievous. Pluto loves to play, and he loves to be petted and scratched behind his ears. Pluto is loyal to Mickey and affectionate to everyone.
  • Chip ‘n Dale
    Chip and Dale are mischievous chipmunks who love to have a good time. Sometimes they trick Donald or tease Pluto. Chip has the brown nose. He’s usually the leader of the two—always quick to take charge. Dale has the red nose. He’s the simpler and sillier of the duo.


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