Sweethearts Confectionery


Shanghai Disneyland

Mickey Avenue

Valid Park Admission Required

Merchandise Offered

Shanghai Disney Themed; Food Gifting/Packaged Snacks; Home Décor

Come one, come all! Enter the cheerful childhood home of Minnie Mouse, and watch as sweets are made right before your eyes in a real-life candy kitchen! Then, give in to your heart’s delight with chocolate, cookies and other tasty treats.

StellaLou: Duffy’s Disney Friend

Everyone in Mickey Avenue is excited to finally meet Duffy's good friend StellaLou, and they have prepared a welcome party for her at Sweethearts Confectionery. The moment StellaLou walks into the beautiful room decorated with fresh spring flowers, and hears the nice music, she can't resist to dance a few quick steps and finish it off with a lovely pirouette. Mickey, Minnie & all their pals are impressed. Although StellaLou dreams of being a dancer on the big stage, she is already a BIG STAR in the hearts of her good friends.


Monday, November 18, 2019

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