Public notice
Pay-Before-Exit Implementation and Adjustment to Motor Vehicle Charging Services for Car and Coach Parking, Effective August 8th, 2024 (Subject to Adjustment for Actual Operations)See details
To create a more pleasurable viewing experience for all guests, on days with two performances, we recommend avoiding peak attendance times during the first presentation and opting for the second showing of 'Illuminate! A Nighttime Celebration' instead.
Public notice
Pricing Structure Adjustment for Shanghai Disneyland Admission Effective November 24, 2024.See details
To protect guest rights, we remind all guests to only purchase Shanghai Disney Resort products and services via official and authorized channels.

For park ticketing products and hotel reservations, guests can make purchase through the resort’s official direct channels including the Shanghai Disney Resort official website, app and WeChat account, as well as the resort’s Disney Reservation Center, official Jingdong Flagship Store and official Fliggy Store, or through our official travel partners. Please click here to see the full list of the resort’s official channels and official travel partners.

If you want to purchase Disney Premier Access, please refer to the resort’s official direct channels below after you have purchased your park tickets. Disney Premier Access products and services are only available through these four channels:
  • Shanghai Disney Resort’s official website
  • Shanghai Disney Resort’s official app
  • Shanghai Disney Resort’s official WeChat account
  • Shanghai Disney Resort official Fliggy Store
Products and services purchased via any other channels are non-official, unauthorized, highly likely fake or fraudulent, which may therefore lead to guests at their own risk and responsibility of financial loss. As such illegal commercial activities also bring significant damage to the resort’s reputation, business and normal operations, we have been working closely with relevant government authorities to crackdown on these activities including monitoring and reporting them regularly to the local government.
Due to high demand, Shanghai Disney Resort parking lots will be at or near full capacity during the weekends and holidays. Guests visiting Shanghai Disneyland and Disneytown are advised to take the metro, taxi or other public transportation.
Welcome to Shanghai Disney Resort Official Website! Our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use has been updated. Please read it carefully.

Blue Sky Boulevard Rules and Regulations

Welcome to Blue Sky Boulevard at Shanghai Disney Resort. In order to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for all of our Guests, please keep the following in mind:

  • For safety reasons, we reserve the right to refuse any bags, parcels or other items from being brought into the Resort. We also reserve the right to dispose of any unattended objects.
  • Please show common courtesy, both on-site and online, to fellow Guests, our Cast Members (including but not limited to staff and performers) and the Disney Characters, and do not use profanity or engage in unsafe, illegal, disruptive or offensive behavior. Upon occurrence of the foregoing behaviors, you may be required to leave the Resort immediately without any conditions.
  • Please supervise your children at all times. For your safety and the safety of others, please refrain from running.
  • Proper attire, including shirts, pants/shorts/skirts and shoes must be worn at all times in the Resort. Unless specifically permitted or encouraged by us for special events or programs, costumes may not be worn by Guests age 16 or older. Clothing that drags the ground is prohibited. We reserve the right to deny admission or remove any person wearing inappropriate or indecent attire, or attire that could detract from the experience of other Guests at Shanghai Disney Resort.
  • Masks must be worn in a way that both eyes can be fully seen and with unobstructed vision at all time allowing for clear peripheral lines of sight.
  • You are responsible for the security and protection of your personal belongings at all times.
  • With the exception of designated smoking areas, the smoking of tobacco, e-cigarettes or other products that produce a vapor or smoke is not allowed in Blue Sky Boulevard. Please ask a Cast Member for designated smoking locations.

The following activities are not allowed:

  • Using or bringing explosive and flammable items (e.g. firecrackers), weapons of any kind, objects that appear to be weapons or toy guns (also including toy blasters, squirt guns, etc.)
  • Without our permission,
    • The sale or exchange of goods or services, or the display of goods or services for sale or exchange, or solicitation for sale or exchange of goods or services, whereby goods include but not limited to Disney-branded merchandise, and services include but not limited to tour services or photography services of any kind.
    • The distribution and display of printed or recorded materials of any kind, or the use of any flag, banner or sign.
    • Rallies, themed events, performances, speeches.
  • Photography, videotaping, recording or live broadcasting of any kind except for personal and non-commercial purposes.
  • Interview activities of any kind without prior authorization, including but not limited to taking photos, filming, recording, interviewing Guests or Cast Members.
  • Using motorized vehicles, motorbikes, bicycles, tricycles, carts or other wheeled carriers (with the exception of manual wheelchairs, electrically powered mobility devices with at least 3 wheels and speed lower than 16 km/h).
  • Bringing animals (with the exception of guide dogs). Guide dogs must remain on a leash or in a harness and under the control of the owner at all times.
  • Loitering, barbecuing and putting up tents. Swimming and playing sports games, such as soccer.
  • Engaging with other Guests or impeding the operation of the resort while posing as or portraying any character in costume.
  • Playing with kites, remote-controlled devices, such as drones and remote-controlled toys.
  • Plucking or damaging plants. Disturbing and feeding animals (including birds and fish).
  • Using cameras, video cameras, floor-standing tripods, stabilizers and other related facilities that may impede the operation of Blue Sky Boulevard or other related facilities; Using folding chairs and stools.
  • Using articles prohibited by applicable laws and other items that may be harmful or disruptive.
  • Engaging in any unsafe acts or other acts that may impede the operation of shanghai Disney Resort or any associated facility.
  • Any activities in violation of any PRC laws.

Company Rights:

  • We may photograph, film, videotape and/or record Shanghai Disney Resort at any time. Your entry into Shanghai Disney Resort constitutes your consent to be filmed, photographed and/or recorded, and to our use of these images and/or sound recordings, which may capture your likeness and/or voice, for our internal business, administrative and operational purposes or other directly related purposes, for the purposes of meeting legal, safety or security requirements, or for other legitimate purposes.
  • In consideration of safety or order, extreme weather, special events, or if the circumstances so require, we reserve the right to close or restrict access to areas of Shanghai Disney Resort.
  • Please comply with all notices, and all instructions and requests of any Cast Member, posted, given or made for the purpose of ensuring safety and order.

These Rules and Regulations are subject to change. If there are mandatory requirements stated in the laws otherwise, then related ordinances will be followed.

For the purposes of these rules, “we” means either or both of “Shanghai International Theme Park Company Limited”, “Shanghai International Theme Park Associated Facilities Company Limited” and “Shanghai International Theme Park and Resort Management Company Limited”.

If you have any questions, or in case of emergency, please ask a Cast Member.