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Camp Discovery


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Adventure Isle

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Guest Policies

  • Height Requirement: Guests must be at least 106 centimeters (41.5 inches) or taller to experience the 3 rope courses of the Challenge Trails at Camp Discovery.
  • This is an overhead activity and appropriate attire must be worn at all times. Closed-toe shoes with secured heel strap are required.

Traverse challenging rope courses, hike scenic trails and dig for ancient relics as you explore Adventure Isle.

Join the League of Adventurers

Embark on an overall expedition into the “realm of Q’ai, the fanged cat.” Trek past waterfalls, discover natural and manmade wonders; excavate ancient tribal ruins; or enjoy a leisurely hike.

For millennia, the Arbori people have called this lush and beautiful island their home—living in harmony with their natural world. When, in 1935, an expedition of the League of Adventurers was blown off course and discovered Adventure Isle, the peaceful Arbori welcomed them. It turns out the tribe was just as curious about this intrepid band of scientists as the explorers were about the Arboris’ customs, artifacts and natural surroundings.

With so many natural and man-made marvels to be found on this remote tropical island, the League welcomes inquisitive explorers like you to help them with their ongoing investigations.

At Camp Discovery, you can choose from a variety of expeditions to help unravel the island’s mysteries and uncover its wonders. You can climb on elevated rope courses to survey the stunning terrain of Roaring Mountain, hike through the breathtaking scenery or work inside a dig zone to unearth ancient artifacts.

Are you ready? Onward, Adventurers!

Challenge Trails at Camp Discovery

These 3 uniquely thrilling elevated rope courses traverse the terrain of Roaring Mountain, taking adventurers over river gorges, waterfalls and sheer cliffs, through stunning terrain and into spectacular caverns.

Vista Trail at Camp Discovery

This gentle and lushly landscaped trail lets adventurers of all ages and abilities experience the wonders of the rope courses from ground level, with photo opportunities around every bend.

Excavation Site at Camp Discovery

At this hands-on dig zone, young archeologists can discover fascinating relics embedded in rock and buried in sand. Slides and other engaging activities among the ruins make exploring this area extra fun.


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