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Explorer Canoes


Shanghai Disneyland

Treasure Cove

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Any Height

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Kids, Tweens, Teens, Adults

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Water Splash Rides

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Outdoor, Rider Switch

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  • Rider switch offered. More Information - If a guest in your party won’t be boarding an attraction due to height limit or other reasons, the Rider Switch option means you don’t have to miss out! Instead, you can wait with the non-rider(s) while the rest of your party enjoys the attraction. Then, once they’re done, you can take your turn by going through the Fastpass entrance or alternative entrance (when the Fastpass entrance is not available). Please ask a Cast Member at the attraction entrance for assistance.

Guest Policies

  • Explorer Canoes are free-floating vessels paddled by guests through the waters of Treasure Cove. It’s a 10-minutes journey and everyone paddles!
  • Life vests must be worn by children under 7 years of age. Adult sizes are also available.
  • Supervise children at all times. Children under age 7 years must be accompanied by a person age 16 years or older.
  • Your feet must reach the floor when seated.
  • No lap sitting.
  • You should be sober and in good health to ride.
  • Must be ambulatory.

Climb aboard your canoe for an exhilarating paddling expedition around Treasure Cove and Adventure Isle.

Fun with a Splash of Excitement

Grab a paddle and explore a rugged seaside outpost that buccaneers, settlers and island natives call home.

In this incredible excursion, there are shipwrecks, treasure caves, plantations and forbidding jungles around every turn. And the best way to discover it all is on a canoe tour operated by pirate-turned-almost-legitimate-businessman, “Bilge Rat” Bill.

Not only do you and your fellow explorers get to paddle yourselves, but you’ll be rewarded with unforgettable sights, shipmate camaraderie and good old-fashioned fun!

Set a Course for Adventure!

There’s no better way to get up close to the incredible sights of Treasure Cove and Adventure Isle.

Cast off from Dead Man’s Dock and get ready for your open-water adventure. Landmarks along the way include:

  • Skull Island – With evidence of recent pirate pillaging, it may be best to keep paddling!
  • The Fortress – Seen in the distance, this once-Spanish stronghold has been overrun by privateers.
  • Shipwreck Shore Lookout – This small lighthouse is outfitted with a cannon. If the pirate lookout spots your canoe approach, take cover!
  • Wharf Dock – You’ll find the dreaded pirate ship Siren’s Revenge moored here.
  • Large Lighthouse Ruins – An unguarded treasure chest has been spied on shore. Dare ye pilfer this plunder for ye selves?
  • El Teatro Fandango – An ornate theatre—and home to Eye of the Storm: Captain Jack’s Stunt Spectacular—bears the marks of damage inflicted during the Battle of Treasure Cove.

As your canoe enters the Q’olari River, keep your hands inside the boat—in other words, don’t feed the piranhas! You’ve reached Adventure Isle, home to the Arbori People, where you can spot incredible sights like:

  • The Stone Guardians – These giant rock sculptures were crafted by the Arbori to honor animal spirits.
  • Apu Taku – The mountain, looming in the distance, challenges adventurers to climb its craggy peak and unravel its mysterious secret.
  • Stone of the Sun & Moon – This gathering space is home to music and dance performances—sometimes visible to lucky river travelers.

Now it’s time to return to Dead Man’s Dock. In these forbidding waters, “Bilge Rat” Bill worries when travelers are gone too long… well, he worries about getting his canoes back, at least!

A People-Powered Ride

With all the Walt Disney Imagineering innovations through the years, canoes still remain a favorite attraction.

Indigenous people around the world have been making canoe-like vessels from logs, reeds or animal hides for millennia. Whether used on rivers, lakes or oceans, these boats were essential for hunting, fishing and transportation.

The vessels used for Explorer Canoes are modeled after “dugout” canoes made from tree trunks by native tribes of North America. Compared to larger, deeper-hulled boats, canoes are more portable and maneuver more easily while still providing space for provisions. European settlers quickly learned the advantage of canoes in their exploration of the “New World.”

In that spirit, we hope you’ll enjoy the hands-on fun of exploring at your own speed, powering your own ride and seeing sights up close. It’s a unique experience that’s made Davy Crockett’s Explorer Canoes at Disneyland Park in California and Beaver Brothers Explorer Canoes at Tokyo Disneyland so popular for decades.

Welcome aboard Explorer Canoes!


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