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Discover a boatload of rowdy pirate fun and some raucous pirate activities aboard this authentic pirate ship.

Come Aboard… If Ye Dare

The Treasure Cove pirates be seeking cutthroat crewmates to join their marauding high-seas adventures. Have ye the pluck and cunning to set sail with this band of villainous rascals and rogues?

Roam the decks of Siren’s Revenge and discover hands-on (or hooks-on) pirating activities, experiences and games that will test your prowess. See if ye have the sea legs, fearless heart, steady hand and adventurous spirit to be a buccaneer!

But keep a keen eye out, me mateys. When this wily pirate crew returns to the ship, high-flying mayhem and mischief—in the form of a reckless and rambunctious stunt show—are never far behind!

A Ship Laden with Legend and Lore

Today, Treasure Cove is a high-spirited, rollicking pirate haven—and it’s all thanks to Siren’s Revenge! So come explore the ship that’s a proud part of pirate history.

Originally a Spanish ship, Siren’s Revenge was commandeered by one Joshamee Gibbs—a good friend of Captain Jack—and became a vital asset to their pirating enterprises. But when the English Navy took control of Treasure Cove and its fortress, they tried to drive these buccaneers from the local waters.

To rid themselves of the pesky British once and for all, Gibbs and Captain Jack concocted a masterful scheme: while the ship’s cannons bombarded the fortress, a landing party paddling a fleet of Explorer Canoes furtively stormed the shore and routed the scurvy knave Brits.

For now, the ship is moored peacefully at Landlubber’s Landing so visitors can board and get a taste of pirating life. Be ready though—at any moment, when treasure or adventure call, Siren’s Revenge may once more hoist its sails and set a course for the open seas!

Shipwreck Shore

Just moments from Landlubber Landing, explore and frolic at this interactive waterfront playground created out of a shipwrecked French galleon.


Wednesday, January 22, 2020

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