Due to high demand, Shanghai Disney Resort parking lots will be at or near full capacity during the weekends and holidays. Guests visiting Shanghai Disneyland and Disneytown are advised to take the metro, taxi or other public transportation.
Zootopia has officially opened at Shanghai Disneyland on December 20. As we continue to manage maximum capacity for each area of our resort, and in anticipation of high demand to visit Zootopia during its opening period, please understand that admission to Zootopia or its new attraction “Zootopia: Hot Pursuit” may not be secured for every guest who enters Shanghai Disneyland. However, guests will be able to encounter multiple new experiences with a Zootopia touch throughout the park, including decoration, entertainment, food & beverage and merchandise.

Please also note that overnight queuing for entry to Shanghai Disneyland on any day is not permitted. Guests are encouraged to plan their trip accordingly.

In the opening phase, we expect that pauses and brief downtimes may occur from time to time in the new attraction “Zootopia: Hot Pursuit”. Downtimes may occur for a variety of reasons due to the complexity of the ride system and built-in safety features, based on industry requirements and best practices. In the event of downtime, guests will be required to evacuate according to onsite cast members' instructions. Operation of the attraction will be resumed after the completion of all necessary procedures. We appreciate the understanding and cooperation of our guests during this opening period.
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Lost and Found


Check with Lost and Found if you’ve misplaced belongings during your visit to Shanghai Disney Resort.

Missing Items at Shanghai Disneyland or Disneytown

The Lost and Found facility is located at Main Entrance Guest Services just inside the theme park. Items recovered will be brought to this location. Check here during regular park hours if you’ve lost an item while visiting the park or Disneytown.

Missing Items for Non-Park Guests

Go to Turnstile Guest Services—located just outside of the park’s main entrance—to inquire about misplaced belongings and a Cast Member can check with Lost and Found for you.

Missing Items at the Resort Hotels

If you’ve lost an item while at one of our Resort hotels—Shanghai Disneyland Hotel or Toy Story Hotel—visit Duty Manager at that hotel for assistance with your missing item.

Call Us

If you realize that you’ve lost something after you’ve left the Shanghai Disney Resort, please call us (press 3 for general enquiries) on the phone at +86-21-2099-8001 from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM daily.
Guests under 18 years of age must have parent or guardian permission to call.

Find Lost and Found