Tactile Maps


Tactile maps using Braille in English and Simplified Chinese are available throughout Shanghai Disney Resort for Guests requiring visual aids.

Our Visual Aid Maps

At Shanghai Disney Resort, we strive to provide access for Guests needing visual aid and offer a number of tactile maps with Braille that cover the following areas:

For assistance or more information, all tactile maps include directions to Guest Services in the immediate vicinity.

Easier to Navigate
Our tactile maps use large print with a clear Braille overlay and raised graphics to highlight the various landmarks.

Visual Aid Locations

Tactile maps can be obtained at different Guest Services locations. However, you can always ask the nearest Cast Member for assistance. However, you can always ask the nearest Cast Member for assistance. For Guests intending to visit Shanghai Disneyland, each tactile map includes directions to Guest Services—which is located just outside the Main Entrance to the theme park.

Also available is a Braille guidebook for Shanghai Disneyland. This guide provides in-depth information about each land and is meant to be used in conjunction with the theme park map.

3 Tactile Designs

All tactile maps use Braille with symbols to represent services and navigational elements—tactile paths, escalators, elevators and stairs—as well as tactile surfaces that indicate defined areas.

There are 3 kinds of tactile maps, each with a different purpose:

  • Navigational Map – Guests will be able to navigate between two points by using the tactile maps and tactile pathing in key areas.
  • Participation Map – Guests will be able to understand the basic layout of the area, but will need the assistance of a friend or Disney Cast Member to get around.
  • Experiential Map – Similar to the participation map, but it provides greater detail and information to allow a better understanding of what comprises the defined area.