Due to high demand, Shanghai Disney Resort parking lots will be at or near full capacity during the weekends and holidays. Guests visiting Shanghai Disneyland and Disneytown are advised to take the metro, taxi or other public transportation.
Zootopia has officially opened at Shanghai Disneyland on December 20. As we continue to manage maximum capacity for each area of our resort, and in anticipation of high demand to visit Zootopia during its opening period, please understand that admission to Zootopia or its new attraction “Zootopia: Hot Pursuit” may not be secured for every guest who enters Shanghai Disneyland. However, guests will be able to encounter multiple new experiences with a Zootopia touch throughout the park, including decoration, entertainment, food & beverage and merchandise.

Please also note that overnight queuing for entry to Shanghai Disneyland on any day is not permitted. Guests are encouraged to plan their trip accordingly.

In the opening phase, we expect that pauses and brief downtimes may occur from time to time in the new attraction “Zootopia: Hot Pursuit”. Downtimes may occur for a variety of reasons due to the complexity of the ride system and built-in safety features, based on industry requirements and best practices. In the event of downtime, guests will be required to evacuate according to onsite cast members' instructions. Operation of the attraction will be resumed after the completion of all necessary procedures. We appreciate the understanding and cooperation of our guests during this opening period.
Welcome to Shanghai Disney Resort Official Website! Our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use has been updated. Please read it carefully.

Summary of Shanghai Disney Resort Privacy Policy

Release Date: Nov 28, 2023
Effective Date: Nov 28, 2023

Shanghai Disney Resort is committed to protecting your personal information. This summary is intended to provide you with an overview in a concise, clear and intelligible form about how we collect, use, share and protect your personal information through our App/WeChat Mini-Program services. To fully understand our privacy practices, you will need to read the complete Shanghai Disney Resort Privacy Policy.

1. How We Collect and Use Your Personal Information

The following categories of personal information about you may be collected by us in a number of circumstances including:

(1)Registration: mobile number, third-party platform account information (WeChat profile picture, nickname, and region), etc.
(2) Compliance with legal requirements, cybersecurity safeguards, user behavior analysis and service provision and improvement: device ID (IDFV, Andriod ID), WeChat Open ID, IP address, browsing and clicking data records, related log information, etc
(3) Purchase of products and services: name, Government ID number, mobile number or email address, payment information
(4) Invoicing: purchaser’s name, taxpayer identification number (for businesses and government institutions only); information related to the purchaser's application for special VAT invoice; receipt details (e.g., telephone number or email address for receiving electronic invoices) or mailing information (e.g. mailing address for physical invoices).
(5) Map search: geographic location
(6) Annual Passes redemption (utilizing facial recognition technology to verify identities): identity information, profile photo
(7) Facial recognition park entry for Annual Pass holder: profile photo
(8) Customer service: email address, name, mobile number or Government ID number, communication/conversation records, WeChat profile picture, WeChat nickname, address, etc.

For details of the personal information we collect via our App and WeChat Mini-Programs, please refer to the List of Personal Information Collected.

2. Permissions We Request

When you use the services we offer, we may require permissions for the following purposes:

(1) Notification: to inform you of information related to the services we provide
(2) Geographic location: enhance our map features; provide the augmented reality (AR) experience function; provide other location-based services and information; use the unidentifiable statistical information for data analysis
(3) Recognition and log-in: to access Touch ID/Face ID for the purpose of quick login (applicable to IOS devices only)
(4) Camera: to scan QR Codes for ticket linking, redeem Annual Passes, enable facial recognition park entry, take photos, or record videos
(5) Album: to scan, download, and save pictures or videos
(6) Microphone: to capture sound when recording videos

You can check the status of each permission listed above through “Me—General Settings—System Permissions” and turn these permissions on or off for yourself.

3. Sharing and Entrusted Processing of Your Information

We may share your certain personal information with third-party partners in limited circumstances; in order to provide services for you, we may also engage our affiliated entities, third-party service providers or partners to process your personal information. To provide and improve our online services, SHDR App has embedded third-party SDKs, which assist us in providing better services to you. Security measures (such as encryption) have been taken for information transmission to such SDKs.

For more information about the third-party SDKs embedded in our App and WeChat Mini-Programs and the personal information shared with third parties by our App and WeChat Mini-Programs, please refer to the List of Personal Information Shares with Third Parties.

4. Your Rights and Choices

You have the right to control your personal information, including the right to access, copy, correct, supplement or delete your personal information, manage message notifications, cancel your account, change the scope of your authorization, or withdraw your authorization. For more information about the procedures and channels for the exercise of rights, please see the Shanghai Disney Resort Privacy Policy.

You may also contact us through our contact information provided below, and we will address your request within 15 days.

5. Children’s Personal Information

SHDR Site, SHDR App and SHDR WeChat Platform are age-gated so they are not available for use by children. Only under limited circumstances, for example, when a guest redeems Annual Pass for his or her child, applies for ad hoc activities for his or her child, or applies for complimentary vouchers, ticket refund, emergency healthcare service or other relevant services for his or her child, or as necessary for the purposes of pandemic control or maintaining public security, we will personal information from children in certain circumstances in accordance with the terms of Shanghai Disney Resort Privacy Policy.

6. Contact Us

You can contact us by using the following contact details, and we will respond to your requests within 15 days:

Customer service hotline: 400-180-0000 (mainland China) or +86-21-3158-0000 (all other countries/regions).