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Shipwreck Shore


Shanghai Disneyland

Treasure Cove

Guests Can Be

Any Height

Age Interest

Preschoolers, Kids, Tweens

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Outdoor, Interactive

Explore, splash and frolic in an amazing interactive play park built in the wreck of a pirate galleon in Treasure Cove.

Adventure Ahoy

Come away to a nautical world of hands-on fun, where kids can let their imaginations sail free. A variety of unique activity zones means children of all ages can get in on the excitement!

The Toddler Area features water bells and carved stone turtles, starfish and other charming sea creatures to discover in the “mist garden”—an area where wee ones can clamber among the rocks and basins filled with gently rolling fog.

The Tide Pools shimmer with shells, starfish, sea urchin, sea squirts and shellfish—even a submerged treasure chest—fashioned in colored glass mosaics. Watch out: some of these creatures spit water when touched!

The Observation Deck offers shaded areas where parents can relax or, if they’re feeling mischievous, spritz their kids with remotely activated water jets hidden in the tide pool below. The Deck is also equipped with 3 skull heads that shoot streams of water and a water blaster (complete with smoke and sound effects) that fires a resounding “cannonball” into the lagoon.

Throughout Shipwreck Shore, you’ll discover incredible Water Wonders like a mysterious ring-shaped stone that’s the source of a magical fountain. Streaming “liquid strings” create an enchanted harp that kids can play, while nearby, a soft blanket of mist wafts and dances as young hands move through it.

The Shipwreck is the perfect place for young pirates to launch their fanciful seagoing adventures.

From the remnants of the Ship’s Bow, kids can hoist flags to send messages, ring the ship’s bell and fire a water cannon at the battlements, lighthouse or even passing Explorer Canoes. A button signals a hidden pirate on lookout at the lighthouse, who comically exhorts kids to bombard unsuspecting intruders. Or, the cannon can target objects in the water like treasure chests, spinning barrels and nets.

Then, from the ornate and detailed Ship’s Stern, young buccaneers can raise and lower a French pirate flag, play Captain at the ship’s wheel, peer through spyglasses and zip down a slide through the ship’s interior to glimpse long-lost treasures and abandoned pirate gear.

Goodbye Pirate Ship, Hello Fun!

Discover a splash-tastic playground paradise that’s been created for kids by kids!

According to Treasure Cove legend, 2 children of early settlers found the remnants of a French pirate galleon one day while exploring the beach. With its deck, rigging and wheel still intact, it sent these kids’ imaginations soaring.

Dubbing their find “Shipwreck Shore,” these best friends turned the half-buried hull of the La Belle France and the surrounding area into their personal pirate playground. Returning again and again, they kept adding new games and activities to make their adventures even cooler. In the process, they created an awesome play destination where new generations of kids can explore, pretend and enjoy to this very day!

Now, it’s your children’s turn to climb over the hulking ruins, splash in the pools, fire the cannons and set off on their own make-believe pirate voyages.

Siren’s Revenge

Step aboard a real pirate ship—if ye dare—for rowdy pirate fun and raucous pirate adventure! >

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