Rider Switch


Parents or other adults can take turns riding select attractions when they have non-riders in their party.

Don’t Wait in Line a Second Time

If a child or adult in your party won’t be boarding an attraction, the Rider Switch option means you don’t have to miss out! Instead, you can wait with the non-rider(s) while the rest of your party enjoys the attraction. Then, once they’re done, you can take your turn without any further delay.

How it Works:

  • Step 1 – Ask a Cast Member if Rider Switch is offered at the attraction you want to experience.
  • Step 2 – If Rider Switch is offered, let a Cast Member know that you would like a Rider Switch arrangement. Enter the line with your entire party. An adult will be designated to wait with the non-rider(s)—those that do not wish to experience the attraction in the “Rider Switch” area. The remainder of the party will experience the attraction.
  • Step 3 – When the remainder of the party returns to the “Rider Switch” area, the Guest who waited with the non-rider(s) may then take his or her turn. This Guest may choose to bring one member from the party on the attraction.

Please note that only 2 Guests are allowed per Rider Switch arrangement.