Due to high demand, Shanghai Disney Resort parking lots will be at or near full capacity during the weekends and holidays. Guests visiting Shanghai Disneyland and Disneytown are advised to take the metro, taxi or other public transportation.
Zootopia has officially opened at Shanghai Disneyland on December 20. As we continue to manage maximum capacity for each area of our resort, and in anticipation of high demand to visit Zootopia during its opening period, please understand that admission to Zootopia or its new attraction “Zootopia: Hot Pursuit” may not be secured for every guest who enters Shanghai Disneyland. However, guests will be able to encounter multiple new experiences with a Zootopia touch throughout the park, including decoration, entertainment, food & beverage and merchandise.

Please also note that overnight queuing for entry to Shanghai Disneyland on any day is not permitted. Guests are encouraged to plan their trip accordingly.

In the opening phase, we expect that pauses and brief downtimes may occur from time to time in the new attraction “Zootopia: Hot Pursuit”. Downtimes may occur for a variety of reasons due to the complexity of the ride system and built-in safety features, based on industry requirements and best practices. In the event of downtime, guests will be required to evacuate according to onsite cast members' instructions. Operation of the attraction will be resumed after the completion of all necessary procedures. We appreciate the understanding and cooperation of our guests during this opening period.
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Shanghai Disney Resort Offers Something for Everyone


Young and Old, Boys and Girls, Families and Friends Will Discover Something Wonderful at Shanghai Disney Resort.

Everyone Will Discover Something Wonderful at Shanghai Disney Resort

At Shanghai Disney Resort, children are not the only ones who will enjoy a magical journey and a memorable visit. Guests of all generations will find themselves immersed in authentic experiences that blend Disney storytelling with innovative attractions, spectacular shows and experiences designed for Chinese families and friends to enjoy together.

Shanghai Disneyland brings happiness to young and old alike—from girls and boys meeting a favorite character to parents capturing the moment with a photo; from teenagers flying a Jet Pack to grandparents strolling through the lush gardens. Ideal for young adults, too, the theme park offers thrilling adventures, new lands and novel places to dream.

Many attractions are designed for guests to enjoy together. Whether it’s a rafting ride at Roaring Mountain, a magical adventure on the Voyage to the Crystal Grotto that goes underneath Enchanted Storybook Castle, or an epic battle with pirates in Treasure Cove, every guest will find limitless possibilities for fun and adventure at Shanghai Disneyland.

Guests will find enchanting places to share quality time with family and friends–in the Gardens of Imagination, the beach of Shipwreck Shore in Treasure Cove, and in restaurants such as Pinocchio Village Kitchen. They will enjoy fabulous blends of Asian and Western cuisines in all eight lands of Shanghai Disneyland, in themed restaurants that serve flavorful meals and sweet or savory treats.

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Special Appeal for Young Adults

  • TRON Lightcycle Power Run in Tomorrowland: Guests board Lightcycles to experience the thrilling speed and compelling story of this digitized world, inspired by the Disney movie, “TRON: Legacy.” The coaster-style attraction has a twisting, turning track, with a mesmerizing combination of lighting, projection and sound effects.
  • Jet Packs in Tomorrowland: Powered by their own individual Jet Packs, guests fly high over Shanghai Disneyland in futuristic orbs. The exhilarating thrill of rising into the sky, along with the unmatchable view of Tomorrowland creates a breathtaking experience.
  • Roaring Rapids in Adventure Isle: Guests will be enthralled on this white-knuckle adventure, a thrilling raft ride where they are propelled only by gravity and water through the heart of Adventure Isle. Anything can happen as they plunge down a mountain and into a dark cavern where they come face to face with the undiscovered secret of an ancient tribal legend.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean - Battle for the Sunken Treasure in Treasure Cove: For those who have dreamed of a pirate’s life, this is just the attraction for them. A thrilling adventure takes guests on a hunt for hidden treasure, with Jack Sparrow and Davy Jones battling in exciting, realistic scenes. Guests will discover this innovative boat ride in Treasure Cove, the first pirate-themed land in any Disney park, worldwide.
  • Nighttime fun: With fine dining, shows and the memorable “ILLUMINATE! A Nighttime Celebration”, Shanghai Disneyland is an ideal location for date nights and for couples celebrating special occasions.

Special Appeal for Multiple Generations

  • Garden of the Twelve Friends in Gardens of Imagination: The Garden of the Twelve Friends blends Disney’s signature storytelling with traditional Chinese elements and pays homage to the central role of the Chinese zodiacs in daily life in China. The garden provides fantastic photo opportunities and the chance for guests to find their Chinese zodiac symbols, re-imagined as Disney and DisneyŸPixar characters.
  • Entertainment in Fantasyland: Guests enjoy hugging Winnie the Pooh, posing for photos with Disney princesses, and watching out for the villainous Captain Hook, or they may interact with musicians and performers throughout the land. For instance, the tale of “Beauty and the Beast” is presented with puppetry, song and humor at Bai Ling Storytime, and guests of all ages are invited to join Fantasy Festival, a dance to celebrate the day with Disney characters.
  • Shipwreck Shore in Treasure Cove: This attraction in the pirate-themed land will be a favorite for families, offering children an interactive space in a water play area. For fun water fights, guests board the shipwreck of a French galleon, featuring sound effects and animated elements. Families may also enjoy an afternoon of relaxation on a nearby beach.
  • Wandering Moon Restaurant in Gardens of Imagination: To honor the creative spirit of China’s wandering poets, and the beautiful landscapes that inspired them, this restaurant features a design with five kinds of natural scenery in China: the mountain, the ocean, the desert, the forest and the river. Dining here, guests will enjoy Chinese dishes as well as a wonderful view of the Enchanted Storybook Castle.

Special Appeal for Fans of Live Entertainment

  • Walt Disney Grand Theatre at Disneytown: The Walt Disney Grand Theatre brings world-class entertainment to China.
  • “Eye of the Storm: Captain Jack’s Stunt Spectacular” at Treasure Cove: Guests will be in for a whirlwind experience as they gather to see “Eye of the Storm: Captain Jack’s Stunt Spectacular,” starring Captain Jack Sparrow at El Teatro Fandango Theatre. The show features stunts, swordfights, spectacular scenery and stunning visual effects, with comical surprises.
  • “Mickey’s Storybook Express” at Gardens of Imagination: A Disney parade is an ideal experience for friends and families to gather together, and “Mickey’s Storybook Express” is extra special as it travels the longest parade route in a Disney park. With Mickey Mouse out front in a locomotive, the parade features familiar friends and enchanting music from Disney movies. Performing each day at Shanghai Disneyland, the parade creates memorable experiences for guests of all ages, with fun, excitement, fantasy and surprises.

Special Appeal for Fans of Shopping

  • World of Disney Store in Disneytown: Guests who like to shop will find plenty to explore at the 3,600-square-meter World of Disney Store. The shelves are filled with an extensive array of unique Disney apparel, toys, stationery, collectibles and gifts, including exclusive items created especially for Chinese guests.
  • Broadway Boulevard in Disneytown: Guests looking for an upscale shopping experience will enjoy the array of elegant shops along Broadway Boulevard. The opulent shopping street evokes the aura of elite, international shopping boulevards.
  • Avenue M Arcade in Mickey Avenue: Shopping at Avenue M Arcade is a memorable experience. The largest shop in the theme park, Avenue M Arcade offers a wide selection of fashion items, accessories, gifts, home décor and jewelry. Guests will happily share the shopping experience with friends or family members by dressing up as “twins” in Disney-style merchandise that comes in pairs.

Special Appeal for Foodies

  • Royal Banquet Hall in Fantasyland: Guests can make reservations for a magical meal at the Royal Banquet Hall. This regal dining hall offers fairytale dining in a storybook setting, with enchanting details such as soaring archways and leaded-glass windows. Food and beverages are served with royal hospitality, as Disney characters mingle tableside with guests. Here, every meal ends “happily ever after.”
  • Barbossa’s Bounty in Treasure Cove: A grand restaurant at Shanghai Disneyland, Barbossa’s Bounty celebrates the free-wheeling pirate life. The restaurant menu features signature dishes with grilled poultry, fish and meats, such as barbecued pork ribs with Pepsi ginger. Even the creatively designed service ware has a pirates theme.
  • Pinocchio Village Kitchen in Fantasyland: Pinocchio Village Kitchen features the classic and charming style of a storybook village, with a dining experience that appeals to all generations. Guests will enjoy views of Enchanted Storybook Castle while enjoying dishes such as rice bowls, pizza and pasta.
  • Tribal Table in Adventure Isle: Guests at Tribal Table will be immersed in a sensory dining experience, with sights, sounds and smells that will whet any appetite. Fiery woks and rotisserie cooking add to the lively atmosphere. The cuisine features barbecue and Kong Bo Chicken, cooked in Chinese style. As this is the land of the native Arbori people, food is served on leaf plates and in bowls decorated with Arbori-style patterns.